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Why Perform a Skin Biopsy on a Patient with Suspected Neuropathy

  • To diagnose small fiber neuropathy.

  • To follow progression of the neuropathy and the response to therapy.

  • To provide documentation, for purposes of insurance coverage, to support recommended treatments.

  • To confirm the diagnosis of sensory neuropathy in a patient with a compatible clinical presentation but normal electrodiagnostic studies.

  • To differentiate between length-dependent neuropathy, ganglionopathy, or multifocal neuropathy.

  • To diagnose vasculitic neuropathy that also involves the skin.

  • To diagnose amyloid neuropathy in a patient with amyloid skin deposits.

  • To participate in clinical trial studies where a skin biopsy is used to assess normal or abnormal status of subjects.

Diagnostic chart

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Therapath Diagnostic Chart