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Laboratory Supervisor


The laboratory supervisor is responsible to perform tests which require the exercise of independent judgment proficiently. The supervisor, who, under the direction of the laboratory director, supervise technical personnel and reporting of findings, perform tests requiring special scientific skills, and in the absence of the director, are responsible for the proper performance of all lab procedures.


The laboratory supervisor must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. The supervisor is a physician licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy in the State of New York or an individual who has earned a doctoral degree from an accredited institution with a chemical, physical or biological science as the major subject in accordance with Section 58-1.3(a). The supervisor, subsequent to graduation, have had at least two years experience in one of the laboratory specialties in a clinical laboratory or blood banking having a director at a doctoral level. The clinical laboratory should be part of a hospital, a health department, university, ,educational research facility or other institution which provides equivalent training.
  2. The supervisor holds a degree of masters of arts or masters of science from an accredited institution with a major in one of the chemical, physical , or biological sciences and, subsequent to graduation, has had at least four years of pertinent laboratory experience of which not less than two years has been spent working in the designated laboratory specialty in a clinical laboratory having a director at the doctoral level. The clinical laboratory or blood bank shall be part of a hospital, a health department, university, medical research institution, or other institution which provides equivalent training.
  3. The supervisor is qualified as a medical technologist pursuant to the provisions of section 58-1.5(b) and has had a t least 6 years of pertinent clinical laboratory experience subsequent to qualifying of which two years have been spent working in a clinical laboratory having a director at a doctoral level. The clinical laboratory or blood bank should be part of a hospital, health department, university, medical research facility, or other institution which provides equivalent training.

4. With respect to individuals first qualifying prior to April 1, 1972, an exception to the requirements

in paragraphs (1), (2), (3), or (4) of this subdivision may be made if:

1. The supervisor was performing the duties of a clinical laboratory supervisor at any time between 7/1/61 and 9/1/74; and

2. The supervisor has had at least 15 years of pertinent clinical laboratory experience prior to September 1, 1971:provided that, a minimum of 30 semester hours credit towards a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a chemical, physical, or a biological science as his major subject; are 30 semester hours in an approved school of medical technology shall reduce the required years of experience by two years, with any additional hours further reducing the required years of experience at the rate of 15 hours for one year ; and

3. He/she has performed the duties of a clinical laboratory supervisor for at least two years during the qualifying 15 years:

a. in a clinical laboratory having a director at the doctoral level, of a hospital, university, health department or medical research institution: or

b. in a laboratory approved under the Medicare supplementary medical insurance program: provided also, that where qualifying years in a laboratory described in clause (a) of this subparagraph are obtained after January 30, 1969, the laboratory meets the applicable conditions under Medicare health insurance program or , under title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, part 74, the latter being the regulations issued pursuant to the Federal Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act of 1967.

In addition, the candidate will possess the following additional qualifications:

  1. Knowledge of computer software systems, including laboratory based platform system and reporting software.
  2. Ability to work independently
  3. Ability to manage multiple tasks and perform under time sensitive deadlines
  4. Ability to perform work in an organized fashion, with a focus on completing assigned tasks in an orderly fashion and in compliance with stated process and procedure.
  5. Ability to work as part of a team/committee to complete assigned tasks when necessary.

Training and Experience Requirements:

  1. Potential employees must provide documentation that supports any statement of training and experience. Acceptable documentation includes:
  2. Diplomas, resumes, transcripts, official letters from an institution of higher education indicating board eligibility or attesting to the highest level of learning achieved. A diploma is acceptable in lieu of a transcript only if it indicates the major course of study.
  3. Letters from former employers verifying dates of employment and duties, indicating whether the experience was full or part time.
  4. Verbal references can be utilized, but then they must be contacted by the Company and the record of the conversation will be maintained in the personnel file.
  5. Research experience is only acceptable if it is obtained while performing tests on human specimens


The laboratory supervisor will perform the following responsibilities:

  1. The supervisor shall be on the premises during all hours in which tests are performed. 
  2. An exception to the on-premises requirements shall be applicable with respect to the performance of procedures required for emergency purposes, provided that the person performing the test qualifies as a medical technologists, pursuant to the provisions of section 58-1.5(b).
  3. Receive specimens from referring physicians.
  4. Perform appropriate identification services for specimens that are received including:
  5. Numbering of all received specimens and list in the accession book, or other system acceptable to the Department of Health.
  6. Prepare the specimen for examination by a qualified pathologist who is certified or eligible for certification for pathological anatomy.
  7. If the component to be tested for in a specimen is perishable, liable or otherwise subject to deterioration, such specimen shall be tested promptly.
  8. If the specimen is stored, it shall be properly preserved and appropriately treated to maintain it in as close to it’s original state as possible by the technician.
  9. Perform preparation of reporting on results of tests performed on samples, in accordance with NYS regulation requirements.
  10. Perform record keeping as required by NYS law, including retention of copies in numeric and alphabetical cross files and retention of numeric accession files.
  11. Perform proper disposal of any specimens that are not required to be stored, in a manner designed to minimize the likelihood of causing infection to any member of the public or lab staff. Staff technologist will remain in compliance with the lab protocol for disposal at all times.
  12. Participate in preventative maintenance service and repair recording as well as participate in safety monitoring program.
  13. Perform proper operations of lab equipment and perform initial and on going training to staff that are required to perform the tests that use said equipment.
  14. Participate in education, certification and regular recertification of safety precautions training and competency testing.
  15. Participate in the system used to verify the reliability and accuracy of test results and perform this process at least twice annually.
  16. Perform filing procedures for documents used by the technician and returned to the storage space in proper order.
  17. Participate in the Laboratory Quality Assurance Program.
  18. Perform written and oral communication to employees, clients and vendors alike that are accurate, timely, understandable, legible, and traceable.
  19. Complete initial and then annual safety training including, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Plans, Universal Precautions Policy, General Lab and Office Safety Plan, and Hazardous Chemical/Material training.

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