Therapath Neuropathology

Clinical Trial Services and Research

Therapath provides comprehensive diagnostic and consultative neuropathology and neuromuscular pathology services to advance toxicology, preclinical and clinical trial studies that are presented by pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, academic institutions and other research oriented organizations.

Therapath serves preclinical investigations of therapeutic agents, drug toxicity and nerve and muscle regenerations. We are able to scale up from proof of concept studies to multiple center Phase II/ III trials.

Therapath also conducts research projects of our own. We have previously conducted normal subject trials and other scientific studies to evaluate key end points for new study development.

Therapath appreciates the complexity of clinical studies and the importance of adherence to highly structured trial designs. As a service provider, our role is to understand the study objectives, respond to the role of the laboratory testing as outlined in the protocol, provide guidance and support on logistic requirements, and perform services in a consistent and reliable manner.

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