Muscle Biopsy Kits

Biopsy Kits

muscleKit box

Biopsy kits can be ordered online, by telephone (800.681.4338), or by emailing

Kits are provided to you at no charge and are shipped via overnight service. We are happy to schedule kit shipments well in advance of the biopsy date or as little as two days before the procedure. Each kit contains a requisition form to order testing.


Kits Purpose and Tests

The kit provides for proper collection, fixation, identification and transport of muscle biopsies for the following:

  • Routine formalin-fixed paraffin embedded histology (FFPE)
  • Enzyme histochemistry (EHC)
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Electron microscopy (EM)


Kit Components (Use Before Expiration Date):

Do not discard any of the following. Use for return shipment:

muscleKit Vials

1. Transport bag containing:

  • 1 wood support for EM specimen
  • 1 vial box containing:

    a. vial 1 (green cap) empty, to receive fresh unfixed biopsy for EHC and IHC

    b. vial 2 (white cap) containing 10% neutral buffered formalin for FFPE

    c. vial 3 (yellow cap) containing 3% glutaraldehyde in Sorensen's buffer for EM

2. 2 coolant packs (store in a freezer no colder than -20° C)

3. Styrofoam insulating container

4. Shipping box

5. Pre labeled, pre paid FedEx or UPS return pouch

Additional kit components:


1. Ziplock plastic bag containing:

  • Diagrammatic quick reference card for biopsy size and handling
  • Requisition form